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Kay C - Don't Worry About Me


Format: CD
Label: Sanctuary (USA)
Catalog: 84542
Rel. Date: 02/19/2002
UPC: 060768454224

Don't Worry About Me
Artist: Kay C
Format: CD
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So let's pretend he's still alive. How would Don't Worry AboutMe, Joey Ramone's first solo album after two-and-a-half decades frontinghis namesake band, sound in a world less anxiety-filled and not missing oneof its key sonic architects?

Well, let's see. The cover of Louis Armstrong's "What a WonderfulWorld" would still sound like a killer sucker-punch, pure unalloyed sentimentprojected through a snarling wall of attitude and coming through even brighteras a result. The Stooges' "1969" would still work as both thesnarling underside of the Armstrong song and a fabulous goof, proto-punk rageturned into a beatnik-Bo Diddley stomp. "Searching for Something"would sound like one of his lovelier countrified moments (think "Questioningly"from Road to Ruin). Whenever "Mr. Punchy" came on, I'd stillthink he was singing "I miss the country" instead of "I'mMr. Punchy" until I look at the CD cover. "I Got Knocked Down (ButI'll Get Up)" would seem like the dark side of "Teenage Lobotomy"rather than a sad report from the front: "Sitting in a hospital bed/ Iwant my life/ It really sucks." And "Maria Bartiromo"—acrush song for the MSNBC financial correspondent—would sound like the instantclassic it is, complete with a heavenly falsetto at chorus's end. "What'shappening with Squawk Box?/ What's happening with my stocks?" wouldbe the last thing anyone expected to hear Joey sing. Here and now, it'sone of the last things he ever got to.
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